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Auric and Magnetic Healing
Spiritual Healing
Float Away Gisborne Holistic Therapy
Float Away Gisborne Spiritual Healing

The aura is a field of electromagnetic vibrations that directly relate to the physical emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Individual. The practitioners hands are drawn together like magnets to the cause of the patients problems then the energy blocks can be cleared by drawing away aches and diverse impurities. High vibration energy then flows through the practitioner’s hands to facilitate healing of the Auric field and physical body.

Spiritual Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health on all levels of man's being, irrespective of where ill health has manifested. By working in the patient's energy field, using attunement through meditation, the therapist can balance the Chakras, clear the aura, release negativity, and relieve pain, which helps the patient to feel centred, grounded and balanced. 

60 Minute Auric / Magnetic
Healing   $50
60 Minute Spiritual Healing $50
Mixed Massage, Energy, Healing
Float Away Gisborne Energy Healing

Combine the restorative power of relaxation massage with the benefits of auric and spiritual healing. This will increase feelings of well-being, recharge your energy levels, balance your chakras, and cleanse your aura while releasing muscle tension and decreasing pain. This will help you to maintain a healthy, balanced state from the spiritual to the cellular level. 

60 Minute Mix of Massage, Energy, and Healing Work    $60
All treatments are by appointment only.  Please call us at 021-346-431 to make an appointment. 
Gift vouchers are available.